Lesser-Known Casino Games


Some say gambling is an art of earning, while some say it is an art of squandering. The ones who gamble frequently have an idea, on how to play the game and the techniques to crack the game’s labyrinth. Every player needs to have an opinion on the games that is being held in the casinos and how it can get your account spilling with money. Almost every gambler will know the games that can drive you through fortune, but not necessarily the ones who have just stepped into this field. The potential players will have the tiniest clue on what takes place inside the malaysia live casino, its working and the etiquettes. Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and craps would be the games that remain at the forefront of the casino games. Apart from these popular games, there are many other games that casinos offer which all casino visitors and gamblers should try playing,

Sic Bo

Somewhat similar to the game of Craps and Roulette, Sic Bo is a game that originated from Asia. The name translates to Precious Dice, which defines the game; Sic Bo is centred on the dice that decides your luck. The game’s board resembles the one that is used in Roulette, with chips being provided. Each player on the table has to place a bet, and the dealer shakes the set of three dices and the if the result favours a particular player, he/she emerges triumphant. Unlike in many of the games, Sic Bo works purely on chance, and no form of strategy can work here except for the size of bets that you place. Try to wager on the smallest house rates.

Casino War

War is not an easy game to win, and luck/chance is not the only factor that works here. It is a high card game in which six decks of cards are used. This game is played by many in their houses as a leisure time activity but may not conform to the rules of the casino games. The game starts when a wager is placed, and a card is dealt for you and one for the dealer himself/herself. The one who gets the higher card wins; if you get the more top card, you get more money. If both you and the dealer score the same card, you reach a tie, and in that case, you can either forfeit half the wager or double the bet and earn bigger money.

Chinese Poker

The name Poker in the title does not imply that the game is a Chinese version or replica of the game. The only similarity that the game has with conventional Poker is that it has 52 deck card and also rankings based on Poker. The game has 2-4 players, and the one who wins more hands with higher scores becomes the ultimate winner.

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