Whinny Acres

Our Goal Is To Provide You With A Safe And Fun Riding Experience.

About Us

We are the horseback riding camp hosts welcoming you to experience the thrill of horseriding through the mesmerizing trails in the countryside. Get trained by professional riders for your horseriding sessions with friendly horses. Enjoy your time at our camp while you master horseriding and spend quality moments with your friends and family.

We Provide

Our campsite and ample of activities planned for your holidays.


Our campsite and ample of activities planned for your holidays.


Do a complete tour of the countryside on horseback.


The best horse vacation hosted by traditional cowboy community.


Ride your horse to the best camping site in the countryside.


Special facilities and training sessions for age group 7-16 years.


Authentic horse races and tournaments for professionals and tourists.

We Offer

Our team makes sure that you get the best horse-riding experience.

Complimentary Riding instruction
Safety Helmet
Covered stirrups, so you can wear running shoes.
Horses that will match your height, and ability or preference.
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Our Testimonials

The best summer camp for my kids. I had a good time riding my horse in the fields.
Harvey A. Reed
I love the camping sites and travel with my friends often to have some quality time away from the city.
Willie O. McMillan
Real good experience throughout the training. Fell in love with the horses.
Tamika V. Brown

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Our Trainers

Debbie L. Bunch

Professional horse rider and breeder with years of experience in training students at universities.

Gerald A. Connell

Professional trainer with stories to tell while he guides you through the training camp and camping trails.

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World’s Best Surfing Destinations

Surfing Destinations

Surfing can make sure that you have the right place from which you can easily get เล่นสล็อต yourself free. There are many surfing channels which can get them started off when learning about the beauty of the breaks. Here are some of the best destinations for surfing.

Ullu Watu, Bali

Ullu Watu in Bali is the oldest Hindu temple which is known for its professional-grade waves. This is one place where you can sit on top of an enormous cliff and enjoy the view. This place overlooks the waves, and the surfers can surf their hearts out with the waves that is coming their way.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Playa Grande, Costa Rica

This is one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica. This is also the second-largest nesting ground to the leatherback turtles which is known for its beautiful waves which hit you, allowing you to take a ride down the adventure land.

Bundoran, Ireland

Bundoran is also known as a surfer’s Cold Water Eden. This is a place in the southwestern tip of Donegal which provides for a constant swelling of waves. This town is filled with the extra accommodations of surfers which allows them to enjoy their game very well. This is one place that you would love to visit during the months of September and May. Also, during these months you will be able to find many discounts, so pack your bags and get ready.

Huntington Beach, USA

This is one of the best surfing destinations in the United States. This is a place where four different facing beaches can be seen, and everyone can enjoy their visit here with the surfboard. There is always something here which one can enjoy here.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

This is one of Australia’s favourite beach and is one of the top destinations for surfers. This is a place where you can enjoy your time in the white sands, and the water itself can give you the best surfs. There are also a lot of restaurants and shops which can give you some rests when you are worn out of the waves.

San Clemente, USA


This is a place which is known for its beautiful waves and the surf coverage the place provides. This is one of the favourite places to stay when it comes to learning about the waves. The waves can sometimes be threatening but can give a surfer the best time of its life. This is a place where you can find many surfers who are defending their waves with the best surf of their time.

Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout is a fishing village which is situated in the southwest of Morocco, which is not crowded. This is one of the best attraction to the surfers. The waves are wide and are only meant for advanced surfers from September to April.

Perks One Get To Enjoy In A Casino


The words ‘casino’ and ‘gambling’ might send chills down your spine. We have grown up in a siam sport news society that teaches us that nothing good can come out of gambling. Though there is quite a lot of honesty to the statement, it is also important to look at the brighter side of the same story. Casinos might spin troubles for a few, but they also come with several perks. We shall now move on to discussing the ข่าวกีฬาสยาม perks that one can avail out of gambling at a casino.

You Could Win Several Cashback Offers:

Gambling does not only involve spending money and depending on sheer luck to make some more money. It also involves winning quite a hand at the game you have been indulging in. The more you make the winning moves, the greater are your chances of winning a lucrative cashback. Cashbacks also depend on the wagers you place during a game. Therefore, the greater the amount you place as a wager, the greater are your chances at getting cashbacks.

Casinos Also Offer Rewards:

Everyone loves being rewarded. Not many people might know about this, but casinos offer sweet rewards to their regular customers. The rewards might go up to a dramatically high amount of cash depending on how well of a player you are and how many victories you have to your account. Therefore, if you have been informed that casinos fleece people, you have been informed wrong. You might as well do some digging to arrive at a wholesome conclusion.

A Designated Parking Spot:

It is always difficult to find space for parking your vehicle at a casino, especially in peak hours. But, if you happen to win the favour of the host or the owner of the casino, you might also be offered with a sweet parking spot among several other perks. The minute you find a solution to your parking woes, you shall be able to concentrate on your game much better.

Amazing Discounts Throughout The City:

Casinos have close ties with several big names in several sectors, like hotels, shopping malls and the like. If you happen to win the favour of one such casino, you might be lucky enough to avail their discounts on hotel reservations, shopping and several other things. This is surely something to look forward to.


Casinos are not something most of us would like to frequent and for good enough reasons. But, there is a certain myth associated with the idea of casinos that needs to be busted. Casinos do not mar households or lives. They are also potent enough to bestow a good life on people only if they are cautious enough.


Here Are Some Tips That Make You A Savvy Traveler

Savvy Traveler

Travelling the world has got to be the best way that anybody can spend their days. Having to experience slot game indonesia the feeling of seeing a new place every single day is one that I long to feel again. I make sure that I go on one or two trips every year and it is the time of year that is my favorite indeed. You should know that travelling will make you open to so many new things as well. You will find that you are not a closed-off person, but even if you are, you will start trying new things, and there is also a good chance that you will like all of the new experiences that you are having, https://www.swlakelifestyle.com/id/id-id/product/slot.

Trust me when I say that travelling will bring you out of your comfort zone and it will make you a much more open person, because you will be transformed because of all of the experiences that you will have. In this guide, I will list out some nice tips that will make you a savvy traveler.

  • Make sure that you always pack an extra towel. Yes, the first one is about a towel; you will see why it is important when you travel.
  • You should pack all of your stuff in smaller suitcases so that you do not have to lug large bags and suitcases around.


  • Make sure that you pack light. That is very important, indeed.
  • You should take extra socks because let’s face it, we always keep losing one sock, and we can’t wear the other one because we do not have the complete pair. So we might as well pack extras in case this happens, which in most cases it will.
  • Make sure that you keep all of your money in different bags and also in different and equal amounts, so that if you lose one bag, you do not lose all of your money, if your money were to have been in that bag.
  • You should also take an extra card with you just in case. Imagine you spill a drink on your card, what would you do then? That is why you should keep an extra.


  • You should use no-international fee bank cards. So many banks have been known to charge a fee if you make transactions in other countries. You should make sure that you use one that does not charge you.
  • Travel by yourself at least once to see if you like it.
  • You should never be afraid to talk to the local people, well the ones that are okay with talking to you anyway.
  • Visit local restaurants and eat the local food.

Lesser-Known Casino Games


Some say gambling is an art of earning, while some say it is an art of squandering. The ones who gamble frequently have an idea, on how to play the game and the techniques to crack the game’s labyrinth. Every player needs to have an opinion on the games that is being held in the casinos and how it can get your account spilling with money. Almost every gambler will know the games that can drive you through fortune, but not necessarily the ones who have just stepped into this field. The potential players will have the tiniest clue on what takes place inside the malaysia live casino, its working and the etiquettes. Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and craps would be the games that remain at the forefront of the casino games. Apart from these popular games, there are many other games that casinos offer which all casino visitors and gamblers should try playing, https://www.1bet2you.com/my/en-us/product/livecasino.

Sic Bo

Somewhat similar to the game of Craps and Roulette, Sic Bo is a game that originated from Asia. The name translates to Precious Dice, which defines the game; Sic Bo is centred on the dice that decides your luck. The game’s board resembles the one that is used in Roulette, with chips being provided. Each player on the table has to place a bet, and the dealer shakes the set of three dices and the if the result favours a particular player, he/she emerges triumphant. Unlike in many of the games, Sic Bo works purely on chance, and no form of strategy can work here except for the size of bets that you place. Try to wager on the smallest house rates.

Casino War

War is not an easy game to win, and luck/chance is not the only factor that works here. It is a high card game in which six decks of cards are used. This game is played by many in their houses as a leisure time activity but may not conform to the rules of the casino games. The game starts when a wager is placed, and a card is dealt for you and one for the dealer himself/herself. The one who gets the higher card wins; if you get the more top card, you get more money. If both you and the dealer score the same card, you reach a tie, and in that case, you can either forfeit half the wager or double the bet and earn bigger money.

Chinese Poker

The name Poker in the title does not imply that the game is a Chinese version or replica of the game. The only similarity that the game has with conventional Poker is that it has 52 deck card and also rankings based on Poker. The game has 2-4 players, and the one who wins more hands with higher scores becomes the ultimate winner.

Things To Take On Your Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkelling is one thing that is on almost everyone’s bucket list. But when people are getting ready for their snorkelling tour, there are certain things one must be aware of before one go-ahead for their tour.


This is one of the most crucial things that you need to make sure of before taking going ahead. Find the right mask that fits you and make sure that when you put the mask on your face without the straps, it should stay on the face. If you feel that there is air leakage, it might not be a good fit.


Mask defogger

This is one of the best ways to prevent your mask from fogging up. Try to make sure that you are using a non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-free defogger to clean you mask. There is also a simple solution where you just have to put some after and rub the mask before putting it on.


You cannot go snorkelling with the snorkel. It is a mouthpiece which fits in your mouth. Make sure that the snorkel that you buy has to fit right in comfortably. Also, you can add a purge valve which is a nice feature that lets the water out and not in. Also, make sure to select the snorkel which does not hold you head down rather allows you to float easily.


A bandana is very important to help keep your hair out of your face. This will help protect your scalp from the sun and also prevents things from slipping off.

Float Vest

If you are not a very confident swimmer, it is important that you rent out or purchase a floating device which is a great way to keep you confident in water while you swim.


If you are going to be snorkelling in a cold place, a wetsuit will ensure that you stay warm. The wetsuit also offers protection from any particles that might sting you in the ocean and also make sure that there is no sunburn. The size of the wetsuits depends on the place where you might be going to swim.

Rash Guard

A rash guard will provide protection when you are sunburnt. This will help ensure that when you are in the ocean, the sting does not interfere with your snorkelling adventure.

Biodegradable sunscreen

Always when you are looking to buy sunscreen, make sure that it is biodegradable to help protect the reefs. This way, you are not harming the reef as well as ensuring that you are safe from the sun.


Fins can help ensure that you have control over your swimming in the water. It allows one to make heavy the right turn when in strong waters. You can go for short fins or long fins depending on your taste.

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